Are you considering making changes to your home or property? Check out Sleepy Hollow First Addition’s Deed Restrictions before you proceed. Choose from any of the topics below, or, access the full document here:

Air Conditioning Units Joinder Sidewalks Amendments Land Use & Building Type Signs Architectural Control Leases Sod Building Description Livestock & Poultry Statement of Intent Clothesline Maintenance/Dues and/or Assessments Swimming Pools Dwelling Quality, Quantity & Size Maintenance of Lots Temporary Structures Easements Nuisances Term Enforcement Park & Wall Easement & Maintenance Utility Wiring Fences Roofs Vehicles & Repair Game & Play Structures Rules & Regulations Waiver of Minor Violations Garages & Driveways Satellite TV Antennas Water Service Garbage & Trash Disposal Severability Full Document Home Mail: from SHFA-HOA Website